A teenager’s perspective

Some very exciting news from the weekend!

As I mentioned in my previous post Article courtesy of Anna Dutton I was asked to write an article on mental health for a local magazine. 

To make the article suit the magazine’s target audience I had to write something that would speak to proper grown ups, so I decided to reach out to parents with teenage children who struggle with their own mental health and how, from my experiences as a teenager, is best to help.

The article is only in print for the moment so here’s a copy of it for everyone to read:


You can imagine my surprise and happiness when a friend of mine sent me a text saying

“Look what I found” with a picture of me in a magazine attached!

This article is a very proud moment for me and already I’ve had a wonderful response from both parents and teenagers alike who have read it.

Maybe there will be more articles to come in future, who knows but I am dedicated to spreading mental health awareness and fighting all the stigmas attached.

Please share this article far and wide and follow this blog if you haven’t already!


18 thoughts on “A teenager’s perspective

  1. Well done! It’s such a great achievement. It’s so important to spread awareness about mental health. Great job! Can’t wait to see what more life brings you.

    Julia xx

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  2. Hi Anna, I’m a counsellor practising locally and saw your article in print. Congratulations on such an honestly written, reassuring and practical article for young people and their parents. We are hearing much more about mental health problems in young people but I think less about how to best support them in and outside the home. Thank you! I have shared it on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/alisonbraketherapy/

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  3. This is such good news for you!!! And I must say this is a very interesting read… I have a 15 year old who is so insecure… when I read your article, it looks like I’m doing an ok job supporting her, but you sure gave me some tips I wasn’t aware of! Thanks for that 🙂 x Kathleen

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