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2 days in Bangkok 

I had to get up at 4:30am on the Sunday morning to get a boat from Naifaru, Maldives to a domestic airport which would fly me to Male. The sea was extremely choppy which I embraced as a sort of roller coaster ride for about 10 mins before the constant soaring then crashing into the waves became quite uncomfortable for […]

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Dreaming of insanity 

Apologies for the radio silence this week but this particular post I really struggled to write so it’s taken a while… Since being away the stress of travels has affected me in numerous ways, but after the first week and a half of being here insomnia has surprisingly resurfaced for a little while.  For about six months during my second […]

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Ready, set… travel 

I leave tonight to travel for three months solo.  I’ve always dreamt of going traveling and was hoping to go after college, I even had a huge world map covering one of my bedroom walls for inspiration!  But PTSD took such a hold on me that my plans faded into the background. Instead I finished my A-Levels then got a […]

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